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Bernadette peters is a queen. I know we are all Queens, but Bernadette Peters dons the crown.

Her performance in Into the Woods has informed my life more than any other thing I’ve witnessed or experienced since.

I was two.

Naturally, this makes her the hardest for me to draw. But I started looking for my favorite photos of her and I realized I had never seen the cover photo from her Sondheim, Etc. (Etc.) albums out of context. I had never seen it without the text on it.

Okay, so who took it? John O’Hara (taken for the, I believe San Francisco, Chronicle in 1991 during a performance with the San Francisco Pops Orchestra. 1991, huh? The same year I saw Into the Woods on TV. I thought that was interesting.

This felt like a good place to start with her. Not much detail but if you ask any New Yorker worth their salt who this is, they will answer correctly.