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Hey, Mary!

Two of my top 5 experiences in the theatre have included Mary Testa. QUEEN OF THE MIST being the first and FIRST DAUGHTER SUITE the second (chronologically speaking).

Her work is such an example of what a gift theatre can be. An actual gift! A present!

We think of presents as something given to us at no cost to us and Sure, maybe your ticket was also a gift, but even if it weren’t you’re getting a 2fer. You’re paying for services rendered – a seat to (mostly) yourself and a show.

The gift is what you take home – how it made you feel. Mary Testa captivates me in a way few other performers can. It’s that thing when someone you don’t know just seems to understand how to deliver the information to you in the way you’ll most understand it.

humanity at its best, no?

Inspired by a photo by Mungo Creative/Decca Broadway