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Passing Side/Suiside

Before I get into this one, I’m introducing a new character.

You’ve met Dana, but I’d like to introduce Ryan. Ryan and I have been friends for YEARS (a decade now?) and when I first shared Elaine he was overwhelmingly supportive. Now this moved me deeply because Ryan, along with the queeeeeen that is Jason, have a podcast called LadyWatch (“The only podcast DEDICATED to women over the age of Fifty”) and I was over the moon that he liked my “Lady Art.”

we were talking and he mentioned a series of Ladies in cars which was exactly what I needed. I needed a prompt. I didn’t know how to search for images yet. I didn’t know what I liked drawing yet. I didn’t know if I could do it again! IT was the perfect prompt. I am eternally grateful for it.

This was not what immediately followed, but it is an early one.

Bette Davis has been right up there with Bernadette Peters for me ever since i saw her in All About Eve. I had never seen such a performance in a film.

This photo was too good to be true. I cannot find photo credit anywhere. Please reach out if you have any leads. I do know it is a 1941 Cadillac. “I couldn’t help but wonder…” what the context of this photo is.

Thank you, Ryan. for recognizing what I needed.

A Brief history lesson:

Many early cars had rear-hinged doors (as coaches did) instead of front hinged doors. this is the era before seatbelts, so they called them “Suicide doors” because if the door was accidentally opened while driving you could get lit’rally sucked out of the car! You can read more about the history of “suicide doors” on wikipedia.