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Psychic Sue

There are a handful of “hollywood famous” people who truly champion the theatre. Most of them have extensive experience on stage, but are known for their work on screen. The celebrities that aren’t there for the comp or the photo op with Bruce Glikas afterwards. They buy a seat to a matinee and post a bad Playbill selfie just like us.

Enter Camryn Manheim.

I swear, if this woman could she’d be at a show every damn day. Constantly sharing what she’s seen and what she loved about it. I love when people are fans of all of the facets of their craft. “Fan” gets a bad wrap these days but when you can just be a fan without having to prove you’re a fan, well, that’s where you find your people.

Camryn Manheim, thank you for being a fan and an artist. Seeing you in Spring Awakening was a privilege. Seeing you every Jackie Washington day screening of Jackie’s Back is truly something I look forward to annually. And, QUEEN MANHEIM, thank you for Psychic Sue. Such an important and ICONIC cameo for that series.