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Ribbon Cutting

I am thrilled to officially launch I’ll Ink to That!

Before I gush over Queen Annaleigh Ashford, I have a few thank yous:

First and foremost, Tyson Armstrong (of Broadway Pins!!!) for helping me learn the ropes of e-commerce and making this website as fierce as it is. I could have never seen coming what came and you helped me no questions asked. AGAIN! I am eternally grateful to you and for you. GO BUY PINS!!!

Mairi DOrman-Phaneuf, your kind words so early on in this process mean more than you know. You saw something and you said something. Thank you for making sure I saw it, too.

Ryan O’Connor, for giving me a prompt when I needed one. (Don’t think I’ve forgotten some others we’ve discussed.) You prevented me from getting stuck – and I am GREAT at getting stuck.

Dana Craig and Val Buchholz, thank you for being my product guinea pigs and ultimate fan club.

To my subjects and photographers, thank you for your incredible work. It’s been (and continues to be) an honor to learn more about these images.

Lastly, anyone and everyone reading this. I’ve been looking for a writing outlet for quite some time and this piece is the foundation of this endeavor. I know we live in a visual world and anyone taking the time to read my thoughts is dope. Period.

NOW, Annaleigh Ashford.

I’m incredibly fortunate to call Annaleigh a pal. I think we first met during her time in Legally Blonde and since then we’ve just kept seeing each other “on campus” and have continued to support each other’s endeavors. As she put it, “we’d browse the same aisle at Blockbuster.”

I thought it would be hilarious to open my shop with a ribbon cutting and when sweet, sweet Annaleigh’s face popped up, It was settled.

This photo is from the re-opening of the Hudson Theatre for the (stunning) 2017 revival of Sunday in the Park with George.

P.S. Apologies for cutting you out, Jake Gyllenhaal. Not personal. I’ll get you later!

P.P.S. Annaleigh is starring in a new sitcom on CBS. called B Positive and it’s hilarious and she shines on it. Check it out Thursday’s at 8:30pm!