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I listen to “Sister Suffragette” from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins every time I go vote.

like so many kids, I loved Mary Poppins. I had yet to connect that Maria and Mary were the same person. It would be years before I knew that Winifred and Desiree were the same person. Can’t you just hear the thud of my jaw hitting the floor?

I remember, very specifically in fact, asking my mom why there wasn’t “more of Mrs. Banks” in the film. Of course, now it’s easy for me to tell you why I was drawn to her. Fierce costumes. Great Song. Strong woman. Queen.

But I was an infant and I had zero interest in those kids. Their life seemed great. And don’t get me wrong, Bert and Mary remain iconic and “Feed the Birds” can still bring me to tears. But I wanted to hang out with Winifred Banks.

Anyway. All of this to say, as I sit here on the most important election night of our lifetime,

Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.